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What we grow

As we live in such a fertile valley we have the opportunity to farm a diverse range of produce ranging from: seven varieties of pumpkin, watermelon, cattle, sheep for fine wool and fat lambs, cereal crops and hay. Our award winning wines which are produced on farm from our homegrown vineyard are sold at our cellar door also on the farm.

Who are we?

As custodians of this land we believe that it is our responsibility to leave it in a better condition then when me acquired it. 
Over the years our farming techniques have evolved to be more sustainable. With practices such as direct drilling, minimal till, crop rotation, limiting the use of pesticides and chemicals & also more effective irrigation methods. We are blessed to be living in such a pristine valley that is not under threat from big industries such as manufacturing and mining. We aim to be self sufficient and produce wholesome natural food.

Zappa Wines


WWOOFERS welcome!

We are Australian hosts for the international organisation known as Willing Workers On Organic Farms which is an exchange of your time working for food, accommodation and sharing of cultures. We provide a seperate self contained house and in your spare time Wwoofers can enjoy activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing and wine tasting. 

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