sweet dumpling




Sweet Dumpling

The pretty  Sweet Dumpling is one  of the gormet pumpkin varieties we grow. With green and white stripes skin and creamy orange flesh and 80 -140 mm in size. Sweet Dumpling  has a sweet nutty flavour, firm texture and is good to roast with the skin on.



Our smallest gormet pumpkin is the Minikin . With bright orange skin and orange fresh they grow from 60 -110 mm in diameter. The Minikin is not just for decoration but is great for stuffing and roasting whole. It  has a nutty flavour and a drier texture. 


The Kent previously known as Jap pumpkin is the most popular pumpkin on the market.  The green and yellow mottled skin has a dusty appearence. Ranging from 1.2 to 7 kg in size it is a very versatile pumkin. It's sweet flavour makes it ideal for soups, caseroules, roasting, mash and baking scones and cakes. 


The Jarrahdale sometimes mistaken for the Queensland Blue, is the heaviest variety we grow.  Ranging from 2 - 10 kg this pumpkin has a smooth slightly ribbed hard grey skin with a deep orange flesh.  Another versatile pumpkin that stores well.


Gold Nugget

Another of our gormet varieties, the Gold Nugget has a distinct deep orange colour inside and out.  Ranging from .5 to 2 kg this sweet nutty pumpkin present well and is perfect for stuffing and roasting whole. 
One of our favourites.



The Butternut  has a smooth creamy coloured skin with a rich orange flesh. This peanut shaped pumpkin grows from 150 - 300 mm in length. This pumpkin is very versatile and with it's nutty flavour is commonly used for soups.



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